Simplie Fun

Simplie Fun Off White Simple Style Manufacture Wood Dresser with Gray Wood Grain Sticker Surfaces Six Drawers and Two Level Cabinet Large Storage Space for Living Room Bedroom Guest Room Children’s Room

The furniture like cabinet plays a very important role in daily life. The biggest reason is its powerful storage function. Therefore, the focus of this dresser design is the functionality of storage. Apart from the simplest outline and lines, this dresser has no decorative elements in its design. All spaces of this dresser are designed as storage spaces. Six drawers of the same size and a cabinet with two levels of interior space offer large storage space. Selected high-quality materials used for this dresser ensure the stability and durability in daily usage. This dresser can be used with the same style of nightstand, chest and bed, which will make the style of the room more unified and elegant. Features: Good Match This off white dresser abandoned heavy and complicated design and decorative lines, put the focus on functional above, use the simplest line, presented a practical, easy temperament. This off white dresser with gray wood grain is divided into two areas, the drawer area and the cabinet area. The design without any handle also makes the overall style of this dresser more unified. Multiple Functions As a functional furniture, this simple style dresser emphasizes functionality. Three side-by-side drawers are designed at the top, while the layout below is a combination of drawers and cabinets. The interior of the cabinet is divided into two levels with a partition to accommodate items of different size. Six drawers of the same size will satisfy most everyday storage needs as well. Matching Furniture This simple style dresser is suitable for living room, bedroom, guest room, or children’s room. And this off white dresser is best matched with the same style of bed to make the style of the room consistent, especially when it is in bedroom. With the nightstand, chest and bed product in the same style also synchronously pushed to the market, aspect user to purchase. Installation Instructions & Dimension To help users install this dresser smoothly, an instruction manual and hardware packs will be shipped with the product. And please note that three tools are needed to be prepared by users, they are cross screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, and a hammer. The length of the dresser is 46.8", and the width of it is 15.7". The height of the dresser is 30.3". Ample Storage SpaceGray Wood Grain Sticker SurfacesKind Reminding: Colors may vary slightly from the photo because of photography and printing tolerances., Dimensions: 46 x 15 x 30 inches
Brand Simplie Fun
Color Off White
Installation Required Yes
Leasable Yes
Material MDF
Package Size 52.00" l x 8.00" h
Package Weight 18.00 lb.
Product Size 52.00" l x 8.00" h
Product Weight 18.00 lb.
Returnable Yes
UPC Code 1312743486669
Warranty 6 months months