Simplie Fun

Simplie Fun Multifunctional Nightstand with 2 Drawers, Shelf with USB Charging Design and Color-Changing LED, White

This budget-friendly piece features two drawers that provide personal space for something important. The design is designed with a shelf that provides USB charging and Color-Changing LED. The product also has a small lamp or framed photo on its spacious surface top. Plus, you can add a small lamp or lamp on its spacious surface top., Dimensions: 27 x 19 x 7 inches
Brand Simplie Fun
Color White
Installation Required Yes
Leasable Yes
Material Pine
Package Size 27.00" l x 7.00" h
Package Weight 19.00 lb.
Product Size 27.00" l x 7.00" h
Product Weight 19.00 lb.
Returnable Yes
UPC Code 1312743551152
Warranty 6 months months