Simplie Fun

Simplie Fun Modern Smart mini Coffee Table with Built in Fridge, Outlet protection,Wireless charging module,Mechanical temperature control,Power socket,USB interface And Ice Water interface.

1. The new smart home product is a refrigerated storage room with a refrigerator and a living room. 2. The appliance and furniture solution is high-quality and comfortable for users of the new living room. 3. The power switch is equipped with a safety switch to protect users from power over time and safety. 4. The 10W wireless charger is integrated into the smart mini table and can provide a sturdy surge power for the smart devices on demand. 5. The USB socket allows users to charge their devices through the wireless charging system., Dimensions: 43 x 25 x 19 inches
Brand Simplie Fun
Color White
Installation Required Yes
Leasable Yes
Material Polyurethane
Package Size 43.00" l x 19.00" h
Package Weight 25.00 lb.
Product Size 43.00" l x 19.00" h
Product Weight 25.00 lb.
Returnable Yes
UPC Code 1312743569676
Warranty 6 months months