Simplie Fun

Simplie Fun Full Length Wall Mirror - 65" x 22" Arched Free Standing Body Mirror, Black Metal Framed Large Floor Mirror for Bedroom, Modern Stand Up / Leaning Mirror

SIZE: Full size, 65"x22", large enough for you to see your entire figure in a single glance.The glass thickness is 0.2"(5mm), high definition reflection effect. The back is covered with an explosion-proof membrane so that it is prevented from splashing and hurting your body when it is broken by an external force.Multi functional usage: Standing on the floor or lean to the wall . This large arched full length mirror& floor mirror features a thin brushed frame for a very classic design. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and will not fade.The simple design is suitable for every room in the home., Dimensions: 65 x 22 x 1 inches
Brand Simplie Fun
Color Black
Installation Required Yes
Leasable Yes
Material Aluminium
Package Size 68.00" l x 3.00" h
Package Weight 25.00 lb.
Product Size 68.00" l x 3.00" h
Product Weight 25.00 lb.
Returnable Yes
UPC Code 1223532459316
Warranty 6 months months