Deco Breeze 16 Inch Metal Floor Standing Fan w/Adjustable Height - Copper

Deco Breeze features a broad range of styles from taller floor standing models to tabletop and desktop sizes. Designs range from colored metallic and rattan weaves to resin and wood sculpted bases that incorporate traditional to tropical themes and more! Just looking around today s homes you find incredible attention paid to detail style and trend. Items all around the home from clocks lamps furniture etc have gone through a tremendous evolution to reach the level of decorative variety you see available to consumers today. Deco Breeze decorative portable fans are out to achieve the same design revolution for the portable fan category. Now consumers will have the same functional appliance with the opportunity to choose one that looks great in their home or office. Dimensions: 48" x 18"
Brand Deco
Color Copper
Leasable Yes
Material Metal
Returnable Yes
UPC Code 843730002094